Business Connect

Pristine Consultants, specialists in CEO consulting

Pristine Ventures a strategy and specialized CEO consulting firm has allianced with Bluesky. Through the alliance Bluesky clients can have access to strategic consulting in the areas of strategic direction, building a competitive advantage through core capabilities, Operational dashboards for greater focus and Execution

Ideaction, Consultants in Strategic Marketing and Channel Sales

Ideactions specialize in strategic marketing and consult companies on marketing strategies, Brand positoning, Segmentation and Research

Ravi Vishwanathan, CFO services

Ravi is an accomplished financial professional and plays the role of a virtual CFO for several companies. Expertise lies in Structuring of the finance set-up, funding, viability analysis, Dashboard development and Business Review

Dot Dot Dot, Marketing consultants

DotDotDot specilize in ground level activations, collateral development, Internet marketing, PR and product development.

Training In Corporate, Training Solutions

TraininginCorporate specializes in providing behavioral training to clients of Bluesky especially in Personal effectiveness, Team Building and Communications

Karrox, Training Partners

Karrox partners with Bluesky to provide behavioral Training and Development for its clients